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Student Admissions, Outcomes, And Other Data

Program Disclosures

The Clinical Psychology Program at UIC has no disclosures to make regarding admission and employment policies that directly relate to a religious or secular affiliation or purpose. The program does not adhere to any specific religious affiliation or purpose.


Time to Completion for all students entering the program Heading link

Time to Completion for all students entering the program

Also, please describe or provide a link to program admissions policies that allow students to enter with credit for prior graduate work, and the expected implications for time to completion. Please indicate NA if not applicable:

Doctoral students may enter the program with credit from prior graduate work. We evaluate transfer credit for students entering with prior graduate coursework on an individual basis once they have been admitted to the program, but typically tell our applicants to assume that they will receive no credit for prior coursework and will still need to spend 4-5 years in the program before graduating with their doctoral degrees.


Program Costs Heading link

Program Costs

Students with a 25%-67% appointment as a teaching assistant, research assistant or graduate assistant in both Fall and Spring receive a full tuition wavier, including the LAS tuition differential, and partial fee waiver for Fall, Spring and Summer. Typical remaining fees per semester are approximately $921 for Fall and Spring and $1,358 in Summer, although these can vary somewhat depending on student choices (e.g. electing a different health insurance plan) or status (e.g. international students also pay an Office of International Services Student Fee).  Although the availability of assistantships depends on funding, undergraduate enrollment, and the need for TAs, etc., typically all our enrolled students who request assistantship with waivers receive them.


Internship Placement – Table 1 Heading link

Internship Placement – Table 1


Internship Placement –Table 2 Heading link

Internship Placement –Table 2

* Cell should only include students who applied for internship and are included in applied cell count from “Internship Placement – Table 1″

Attrition Heading link



Licensure Heading link


Note: The UIC Clinical Psychology Program is a research-oriented program.  Generally our graduates who do not attain licensure are those who chose not to pursue licensure because they are employed in research or teaching positions that do not require it.