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Find important information that will assist you accessing the Intranet, department bylaw, online teaching resources, and more!

The IT Team provides all types of technical assistance under the domain of information technology including:

  • Computer software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Recommendations on software, hardware, and process automation
  • Installation and upgrade of computer software and hardware for Psychology faculty, staff, and students
  • Network connections, connectivity and network management
  • Multi-media classroom troubleshooting, instructing, and maintenance
  • Video/telephone conferencing setup
  • Job talk/lecture/conference videotaping
  • Student lab user support and lab computers maintenance
  • New user orientation
  • Printer troubleshooting
  • Projectors and laptop check-out
  • Scanning/printing assistance
  • Statistical software installation (SPSS, E-prime, RStuiodio, etc.)

Additional Information

Location and Office hours

We are located in 1041 BSB. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Get Help – Technical Service Request

To request a technical assistance, we strongly recommend you to submit a Service Request which is the best way for us to track the service and do the follow-up. Send an email to or open a service request ticket.

Computer Security & Tips

Before you connect to UIC network, please check the following steps with your computer:

  • Firewall, Automatic Updates, and Virus Protection have to be on. You may click on Start Menu, go to Control Panel, and then choose Security Center to make sure the security status. If you don’t have any Antivirus Program on your computer, you may download and install Symantec Endpoint Protection at no cost from UIC Web Store.
  • Apply Patches. The application of patches to your system on a timely basis is crucial to the security of your system. To apply patches, the easiest way is to click on the ‘Start Menu’ and find the icon that says ‘Windows Update’ next to it. Click ‘windows update’ to start the process.

Keep PC up-to-date and virus free: Apply critical updates to your PC with Windows Update.

Check that your PC is protected from viruses and virus definition file is current. (Windows Defender, Microsoft 365 Defender for Mac)

Department printer driver

New User Instructions

To Activate Your NetID and UIC Email Address

New students wishing to obtain ACCC services, such as Email, Blackboard, UICalendar, etc., should begin with activating your UIC Netid and password. During the activation of your NetID and UIC email address you will be asked to set a password, which will allow you access to your email and other application such as blackboard.

If you already have obtained an ACCC password and email account, you can create an additional ACCC account or service.

Psychology Department Online Teaching Resources

Technology Solutions (a.k.a. ACCC) and LAS compiled up-to-date online teaching resources. The teaching resources are intended to support all psychology courses being offered an online or hybrid format.

SPSS for Classroom

The Virtual Computer Lab provides UIC students, faculty, and staff with access to specialized software from their own devices.

ONLINE Course Communication Guidelines (Netiquette)

  • Be mindful of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, as well as different political ideologies and religious beliefs.
  • Use good judgment when composing your written responses. Swearing and profanity should be avoided. Also consider that slang terms can be misunderstood or misinterpreted.
  • Be careful using all capital letters when composing your written responses. This can be considered “shouting” on the Internet and is regarded as impolite or aggressive. It can also be stressful on the eye when trying to read your message.
  • Be respectful of others’ views and opinions.
  • Be careful when using acronyms. If you use an acronym it is best to spell out its meaning first, then put the acronym in parentheses afterward, for example: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). After that you can use the acronym freely throughout your message.
  • Use good grammar and spelling in written communications.
  • In emails, always identify yourself and what class and section you are in. It is a good practice to put your course and section in the subject line. This helps your instructor identify course-related emails.

Recording of synchronously delivered courses is not required. If your class is not recorded then it is up to you with respect to requiring students to use their webcam video.

Tech Resources for your Students

If you learn of students who do not have computer access at home, please direct them here, where they can log in and complete a form with Technology Solutions and receive a laptop and/or Wi-Fi hotspot in the mail.


To reserve a class room, please contact Karla Rivera Ruiz by email at

Room 1028 – Presentation, Telephone Conference, Internet Access
Room 1075  – Presentation, DVD, Telephone Conference, Internet Access
Room 1076 – Presentation, DVD, Telephone Conference, Internet Access
Room 1077
– Presentation, DVD, Telephone Conference, Internet Access
Room 2019
– Presentation, Computer Classroom, Internet Access
Room 2057
– Presentation, Computer Classroom, Internet Access
Room 2064
 – Presentation, Computer Classroom, Internet Access

The User Guide of each fishbowl room is accessible in Intranet.

How to make conference calls with a Cisco VoIP phone:

Cisco WebEx (multi-functional video and audio conference web application):

Please contact IT Office in advance if you need assistance with the setup of Skype conference or PowerPoint presentation.

Additional Resources

  • To reserve visual service and multi-media equipment, please contact LTS (Learning Technology Solutions ) at 3-0003 Option 1.
  • For questions related to blackboard, see more information on the Blackboard Support Website or email to
  • For questions related to your UIC account or password, contact ACCC at 3-0003 or email to
  • For questions related to your phone or printing account, contact Jennifer at
  • To purchase software license for your office PC or lab PC, go to UIC Web Store
  • To create Qualtrics account, please go to UIC Qualtrics

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I borrow keys?
When you need to borrow a key to a room (classrooms, fishbowl, lab, etc), contact Karla Rivera Ruiz at 1067 BSB or call 312-996-2836.

What do I do if my phone is not working?
If your phone is not working, request a service to Deborah Rogers at 1033 BSB or call 312-413-5723.

Business Operations Directory Heading link

Below you will find contact information for each Business Operations Staff Member. Click on the name of the person you wish to contact to learn more about their duties/responsibilities.

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