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Welcome to the UIC psychology department website. As a large diverse urban research institution, the department reflects excellence in education, research, and practice. This excellence is reflected in the department’s two majors (general and applied psychology) and one minor (psychology). The psychology department collaborates with several other departments on campus including educational psychology, neuroscience, public health, and psychiatry, among others. Below are a few of the many opportunities available to undergraduate students.

Undergraduate courses are available in a number of psychology disciplines including clinical, cognitive, community, developmental, social, personality, and neuroscience . Courses cross-listed with African-American and Gender and Women’s studies are available as well. In addition, practice opportunities are available to undergraduates through courses in crisis counseling, interviewing, and an internship class. Psychology leads the campus in the number of undergraduate students involved in research. Small laboratory classes are offered that give students hands-on experience with research, there are ample opportunities to get involved in ongoing research projects conducted by UIC psychology faculty, and undergraduate students can conduct directed research under faculty supervision.

The psychology major is very popular and annually confers the most undergraduate degrees in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students may choose to major in general or applied psychology. A wide range of career paths is available to our graduates both within psychology (clinical, counseling, industrial organizational, etc.) and in related fields such as occupational therapy, police work, speech and language pathology, and many others. In addition, a psychology major can be excellent preparation for further professional training in law, medicine, and other fields.

To apply to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) at UIC and declare a major in psychology, students must contact the UIC Office of Admissions and Records and submit an application. Current LAS students may declare a major in psychology by filing a ‘Change of Major’ Form in the Psychology Administrative Office (1009 BSB) or Psychology Advising Office (1069/1070/1074 BSB). Catalog information on the major in either applied or general psychology is available in the UIC catalogCourse descriptions are available. In addition, the psychology department website is a helpful resource. Note that the undergraduate catalog is the definitive resource on psychology major requirements.

Once students have been admitted to UIC and LAS, they are invited and must attend either freshman or transfer orientation. At freshman orientation, students meet with a LAS advisor and register for their courses. At transfer orientation, students meet with both a LAS advisor and a psychology department advisor. Students will receive specific advice on placement test results, course selection, and transfer articulation at their designated freshman or transfer orientation. Information on placement test results and course transfer articulation can be found on the web. Once students have attended orientation they can follow up with a psychology advisor if they have remaining questions or need assistance developing their schedule. Due to the number of psychology majors and the department’s commitment to be available to students and assist them on their journey to graduation, appointments are not available to prospective students until they have attended orientation.