Resources & Tools

Email Tools

Email Quota Info ─ How much email can you keep on your ACCC account? How long? ACCC email limits

Email Quota Tool ─ Check how much email you have on the server, or download or delete entire mailboxes

Email Routing ─ Have your UIC email forwarded to other mailbox

Email Antispam Filter ─ How to set up email filters to identify and delete your spam messages

Email Whitelist ─ A list of email addresses that you know don't send spam

Email Vacation Auto-Replies


Installing and Using SecureW2 for Windows

Web Publishing

Currently registered students, faculty, or staff are given space on one of UIC’s servers. (TIGGER – used for faculty/staff personal Web space, as well as classes and departments. ICARUS – for student personal Web space and student organization pages.)

How to Publish Web Pages

SecureFX ─ The tool to upload and download web pages in UIC

Network File Storage ─ Webdisk

Anyone with an active Netid at UIC already has a WebDisk, an automatic 100 MB of storage space where you can save your personal files. You can access to your files from anywhere, using a Mac, Windows, or Unix client, or the web page. In all cases, you log in with your UIC Netid and your ACCC Common password. For more information, you may go to the web site.

Backups ─ ADSM

Personal computer backup over the network at UIC

New Main printer driver