Resources & Tools

Email Tools

Email Quota Info ─ How much email can you keep on your ACCC account? How long? ACCC email limits

Email Quota Tool ─ Check how much email you have on the server, or download or delete entire mailboxes

Email Routing ─ Have your UIC email forwarded to other mailbox

Email Antispam Filter ─ How to set up email filters to identify and delete your spam messages

Email Whitelist ─ A list of email addresses that you know don't send spam

Email Vacation Auto-Replies


Installing and Using SecureW2 for Windows

Web Publishing

Currently registered students, faculty, or staff are given space on one of UIC’s servers. (TIGGER – used for faculty/staff personal Web space, as well as classes and departments. ICARUS – for student personal Web space and student organization pages.)

How to Publish Web Pages

SecureFX ─ The tool to upload and download web pages in UIC

Network File Storage ─ Webdisk

Anyone with an active Netid at UIC already has a WebDisk, an automatic 100 MB of storage space where you can save your personal files. You can access to your files from anywhere, using a Mac, Windows, or Unix client, or the ​web page. In all cases, you log in with your UIC Netid and your ACCC Common password. For more information, you may go to the web site.

Backups ─ ADSM

Personal computer backup over the network at UIC