Edward George Sargis

​​​​​​​​Lecturer and Assistant to Director of Graduate Studies

I graduated with my B.S. from Bradley University in 1997 with a double-major in Psychology and Philosophy. I later graduated from UIC’s Department of Psychology in 2004 with my Ph.D. in Social Psychology and a minor in Statistics. My research interests include best practices for research methodology, in particular how the data collection via the Internet affects data quality. I have also done research in the areas of the social psychology of morality and small group decision-making.  


I have been a Lecturer in UIC’s Psychology department since 2004. I most frequently teach courses in research methods and statistics, as well as courses in social psychology. In addition to teaching, I have a number of administrative roles in the department that include arranging our department’s teaching assistantships and tracking the usage of space in the department. 

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Contact Information

Office: 1060 BSB, MC 285
Phone: 312-413-8564
Fax: 312-413-4122
Email: esargis@uic.edu