Cognitive Announcements

Welcome to our three new PhD students: Alyssa Blair, David Sarmento, and Sushi Shrikanth and a new postdoc,Amory Danek coming from Ludwig Maxmillian Universitaet in Munich, who will be collaborating with Jennifer Wiley for the next two years on a DFG grant exploring affective and cognitive routes to insight.

Congratulations to everyone who will be presenting at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society in Chicago! In addition to these presentations, Karl Szpunar will be chairing and speaking in a symposium session. UIC is going to be very well represented:

Kate Brill, Second Language Knowledge Development Across Training Conditions
Amory Danek, Manipulating Problem Representations by Cueing
Tim George, Fixation, Flexibility, and Forgetting during Alternate-uses Tasks
Andrew Jarosz, Strategies and the RAPM: Taking a Constructive Approach
Allison Jaeger, Now You See It, Now You Don't: Seeing Invisible Folds
Rebecca Koppel, Stuck in a Rut? How Expertise and Warnings Change the Relationship Between Executive Functioning and Overcoming Fixation
Matt McCurdy, Unconstrained Generation Improves the Generation Effect: Benefits for Item and Context Memory
David Sarmento, The Influence of Timeline Orientation and Presentation Modality on Judgment Formation in a Litigation Context.

Congratulations to all of our presenters at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society:

  • Yes, No, Maybe So: The Effect of Ambiguity, Falsification, and Confirmation on Re-CategorizationJared Ramsburg and Stellan Ohlsson
  • Individual Differences in Base-rate Neglect: A Computational Dual Process ModelCarlos Salas, Tim Sparer, Sabrina Velez, and Thomas Griffin
  • Alien Bacteria Found on Mars! A Model of Conceptual Change using the Re-categorization Paradigm

Tim Sparer, Jared Ramsburg, Carlos Salas, and Stellan Ohlsson

Congratulations to Marta Mielicki who successfully defended her Master's project on
"Affordances of Graphical and Symbolic Representation in Algebraic Problem Solving" this summer.

Congratulations to Allison Jaeger who successfully defended her PhD titled "What Does the Punched Holes Task Measure?" and has started a post-doc Nora Newcombe and Tim Shipley at the Department of Psychology and the SILC (Spatial Intelligence Learning Center) at Temple University.

Congratulations to these presenters at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse:

  • Novice Literary Interpretations: Prompting and Processing MatterCandice Burkett and Susan R. Goldman
  • Causal Science Explanations: The Role of Annotations of Texts and GraphicsCandice Burkett, Katie M. James, Susan R. Goldman and Project Readi Science Team
  • Making Connections: Improving Student Learning about Climate ChangeAllison Jaeger, Thomas D. Griffin, M. Anne Britt and Jennifer Wiley
  • Time to Throw in the Towel: No Evidence of Conceptual Metaphor Activation in Idiom ProcessingKrista Miller and Gary Raney
  • Validation of New Epistemological Scales Related To Inquiry Learning

Carlos Salas, Thomas D. Griffin, Jennifer Wiley, M. Anne Britt, Dylan Blaum and Patricia Wallace

Congratulations to Rebecca Koppel who successfully defended her PhD on “Understanding Different Kinds of Mental Fixation” and has accepted a senior analyst position at Sears.

Congratulations on these recently accepted/published papers and chapters:

Goldman, S. R., McCarthy, K. S, & Burkett, C. (2015). Interpretive Inferences in Literature. In E. O’Brien A. Cook, & R. Lorch (Eds.), Inferences during reading. Cambridge University Press.

Morgan-Short, K., Deng, Z., Brill-Schuetz, K. A., Faretta-Stutenburg, M., Wong, P. C. M., Wong, F. C. K. (in press). A view of the neural representation of second language syntax through artificial language learning under implicit contexts of exposure. Studies in Second Language Acquisition.

O’Rourke, P., Haarmann, H.J., George, T., Smaliy, A., Grunewald, K., & Dien, J. (2015). Hemispheric alpha asymmetry and self-rated originality of ideas. Laterality: Asymmetries of the Body, Brain and Cognition.

          Ramsburg, J. T., & Ohlsson, S. (in press). Category Change in the Absence of Cognitive Conflict. Journal of Educational Psychology.

Taren, A. A., Gianaros, P. J., Greco, C. M., Lindsey, E. K., Fairgrieve, A., Brown, K. W., Rosen, R. K., Ferris, J. L., Julson, E., Marsland, A. L., Bursley, J. K., Ramsburg, J., & Creswell, J. D.(in press). Mindfulness Meditation training alters stress-related amygdala resting state functional connectivity: A randomized control trial. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

Congratulations to our presenters at the 2015 Annual Meeting of MPA:

The Effect of Individual Differences on Recategorization
JARED RAMSBURG, STELLAN OHLSSON University of Illinois at Chicago

Comprehension and Quiz Difficulty Norms for 32 English Passages
GARY RANEY, KRISTA MILLER, JOANNA C. BOVEE, University of Illinois at Chicago; ANNIE ROY-CHARLAND, Laurentian University; SPENCER J. CAMPBELL, University of Illinois at Chicago

The More the Merrier: Diversity of Items Leads to More Creative Alternate Uses
TIM GEORGE, JENNIFER WILEY, University of Illinois at Chicago

Affordances of Graphical and Symbolic Representation in Algebraic Problem Solving
MARTA K MIELICKI, JENNIFER WILEY, University of Illinois at Chicago

And at the Psi Chi Poster Session: Undergraduate Monica Makar and graduate mentor Erin Sovansky will present their research project "Feeling the Number Crunch: Physiological Measures of Math Anxiety". Undergraduate Chelsea Perschon and graduate mentor Allison Jaeger will present their research project "Bringing Strategies into the Fold: Strategy-use and Gesture on the Paper Folding Task". And undergraduate Gabriela Valencia and graduate mentor Rebecca Koppel will present their research project "Is it all about presentation? Errors in letter-number sequencing".

Congratulations to Andy Jarosz who successfully defended his PhD on "The Relationship between Working Memory Capacity and Strategy Use on Tests of General Fluid Intelligence" and has started tenure-track faculty position in Cognitive Psychology/Cognitive Science at Mississippi State University.

Congratulations to Allison Jaeger who received this year's Piorkowski award in recognition of her intellectual curiosity and love of people, and to Carlos Salas who recieved the The Jamie Carter Research Resource Award to support his collaboration with fellow student Alex Sokolovsky.

Congratulations to undergraduate Gabriela Valencia who received this year's Hirschberg Paper Prize for the best undergraduate research project in Psychology. Gaby has been working with Rebecca Koppel and Dr. Jennifer Wiley to explore the impact of oral administration of working memory tests on bilingual speakers. Gaby also received Hirschberg Research Grant and an Honors College Research Award to fund this capstone project.

Congratulations to Allison Jaeger whose paper "Reading an analogy can cause the illusion of comprehension" is now officially in press at Discourse Processes.

Congratulations to Allison Jaeger whose presentation "Making Connections: The Effects of Explanation Instructions on Student Learning about Climate Change" has been accepted at EARLI 2015 (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction), and Marta Mielicki whose presentation "Affordances of Graphical and Symbolic Representation in Algebraic Problem Solving" has been accepted for JURE 2015 (Junior Researchers at EARLI) both this summer in Cyprus.

Congratulations to Katie McCarthy and Kate Brill Schuetz who have received 2015 UIC Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring Awards for their work with undergraduates.

Congratulations to Spencer Campbell for getting the first part of his master’s thesis accepted for publication in Behavior Research Methods. Great job Spencer! Campbell, S. J. & Raney, G.E. (in press). A 25-Year Replication of Katz’ Metaphor Norms. Behavior Research Methods.

Congratulations to undergraduate student Monica Makar who received an Honors College Undergraduate Research Grant to support her capstone research project "An Examination of Physiological and Self-Report Measures of Mathematic Anxiety in Females" under the mentorship of Erin Sovansky and Dr. Jennifer Wiley

Congratulations to Marta Mielicki who has been award a CADRE Fellowship to support her work with Jim Pellegrino, Mara Martinez and Allison Castro-Superfine on Improving Formative Assessment Practices in Middle School Mathematics funded by the National Science Foundation. The CADRE Fellows program, now in its sixth year, is a competitive fellowship designed to be a capacity-building experience for early career researchers and developers. The Fellowship is a reward for past accomplishment and an investment in a person's originality, insight, and potential.

Congratulations to Katie McCarthy on the acceptance of her paper "Comprehension of Short Stories: Effects of Task Instructions on Literary Interpretation" at Discourse Processes.

Congratulations to Allison Jaeger whose paper "Do Illustrations Help or Harm Metacomprehension Accuracy?" is now officially in press at Learning & Instruction.

Congratulations to Rebecca Koppel on the acceptance of "A Review of Retrieval-Induced Forgetting in the Contexts of Learning, Eyewitness Memory, Social Cognition, Autobiographical Memory, and Creative Cognition." with Ben Storm at the Psychology of Learning and Motivation.

Faculty Notes:

Congratulations to Jim Pellegrino who has been selected to receive the Educational Testing Service’s Samuel J. Messick Memorial Lecture Award for 2016. The award is given in honor of the late Samuel J. Messick, a distinguished research scientist at the Educational Testing Service. Recipients of this award are asked to deliver a major address at the Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC) on an assessment topic that would have relevance and could help improve foreign and second language assessment theory and practice. Dr Pellegrino will deliver his address at the LTRC Colloquium in Palermo, Sicily in June of 2016.

Welcome to Karl Szpunar who has joined the PhD program in Cognitive Psychology as a new faculty member!

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Wiley who was honored as a 2015 Fellow of the Midwestern Psychological Association in recognition of her significant contributions to the discipline of Psychology.

Congratulations to Gary Raney on receiving a 2015 Honors College Faculty Fellow Grant to fund research opportunities for Honors College students in his lab.

Congratulations to Jim Pellegrino who is the 2015 recipient of the Educational Research Award from the Council of Scientific Society Presidents given for outstanding achievement in educational research that improved children's learning and understanding.

Congratulations to Stellan Ohlsson who received a 2014-5 Teaching Recognition Program award!

Congratulations to Eric Leshikar who received a grant from the Midwest Roybal Center to study Improving Memory in Older Adults. His research interests include Aging, Culture, and Cognition. He explores how younger and older adults process and remember socio-emotional information using both behavioral and fMRI methods.

Congratulations to Jim Pellegrino who has been selected as a University Scholar for 2014 in recognition of his outstanding teaching and scholarship. Dr. Pellegrino was also recognized with the 2013 American Educational Research Association Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award. The award honors a scholar whose work has resulted in a widespread, positive impact on the field of educational measurement. Pellegrino received the award based on his contributions over the past four decades.

Congratulations to Jennifer Wiley who received a 2014 Award for Excellence in Teaching based on her outstanding commitment to teaching and learning.

Congratulations to Susan Goldman who was elected the chair of the International Society of the Learning Sciences from 2010 - 2013.

Congratulations to Gary Raney who was recognized as the 2012-3 Honors College Fellow of the year for his work with undergraduate research assistants.

Congratulations to Kara Morgan-Short who received a 2012-3 Graduate Mentoring Award from the Graduate College for her work with graduate students and has been named an Associate Editor at Language Learning.

Congratulations to Susan Goldman and Jim Pellegrino who have both been elected to the National Academy of Education. The academy consists of a maximum of 200 U.S. members and up to 25 foreign associates who are elected on the basis of outstanding scholarship or contributions to education.