Fall 2019 Cognitive Brown Bag Schedule

Wednesdays 12-12:50, 1076 BSB unless otherwise noted. The Brown Bag organizer for 2019-2020 is Dr. Jennifer Wiley.


Brown Bag Schedule

Aug 28 Matt McCurdy

Sep 6 David Uttal, Professor of Psychology and Education, Northwestern University
**LSRI Speaker Series: SPECIAL FRIDAY TIME 1-2:30**
**Room 1535A at LSRI (1240 W. Harrison St)

Sep 11 Kara Morgan-Short

Sep 18 Tricia Guerrero

Sep 25 Sushi Shrikanth

Oct 2 David Miller, Assistant Professor of Hispanic and Italian Studies, UIC

Oct 9 Debaleena Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, UIC

Oct 16 Mike Meinzer, New Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology

Oct 23 Thomas Griffin

Oct 30 Vannia Puig Rivera

Nov 6 C├ęsar Riano Rincon

Nov 13 Psychonomics Society Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dec 4 Matt Goldrick, Professor and Chair of Linguistics, Northwestern University