How do I request computer service?
To request a technical assistance, we strongly recommend you to submit a Service Request which is the best way for us to track the service and do the follow-up.

How do I proceed a purchase order?
To request for purchasing, log in to proceed the order.

How do I log in Intranet Portal?
To access Intranet Portal, you have to log in with user name "ad\your NetID" and the UIC common password.

How do I get Internet access?
To access UIC Wireless, you have to install UIC-WiFi configuration file, which you can obtain from the UIC Webstore. To obtain wired network connection in Department of Psychology, please contact the IT Office.

I received an email which asked me to provide password information. Is it a spam?
Yes, UIC will never ask for client password information via emails.

How do I schedule the department projector or laptop?
Please make a reservation by emailing Seung Hun Kim at seunghun@uic.edu  with a brief description of the purpose including class time and location. After you make a reservation, projector/laptop can be picked up in room 1041 BSB.

How do I send a Massmail to UIC community?
Please read the information on UIC Campus Announcements via Email. If you have any questions regarding Massmail, please contact Office of Public Affairs directly at 6-3456.