Community & prevention research faculty and affiliates




 Molina Molina, Kristine
Assistant Professor
BSB 1050A
(312) 996-5258

: PhD, University of Michigan, 2011.

Intersections among stress, resilience and health (broadly
defined) among Latinos (youth and adults), with a focus on discrimination stress and how targets of discrimination cope with this type of stressor.

 Amanda_Roy_Picture (2) Roy, Amanda
Assistant Professor
BSB 1046D
(312) 413-0992

Education: PhD, New York University, 2010.

Neighborhood characteristics (e.g. poverty, crime, noise, organizational resources) and processes that promote or threaten the health and well-being of families and children; income dynamics, inequality, and societal perceptions.

 Weissberg Weissberg, Roger
BSB 1008A
(312) 226-3795

Education: PhD, University of Rochester, 1980.

School-family-community partnerships to enhance children’s social, emotional, and academic learning; prevention of substance use, delinquency, violence, and school dropout; positive youth development, health promotion, and service-learning; social policy for children, youth, and families.

   Zinsser2 Zinsser, Katherine
Assistant Professor
BSB 1050D
(312) 996-5494

Education: PhD, George Mason University, 2013.

Social and emotional development across the lifespan, early childhood intervention and education policy, teacher-child relationships, classroom climate, early childhood workforce development, support, and well-being.



  Atkins Atkins, Marc
Professor in Psychiatry
 IJR 326         
(312) 413-1048

Education: PhD, Florida State University, 1985.

Community mental health services for urban children; school based mental health services; dissemination and implementation science.

Balcazar Balcazar, Fabricio
Professor, Disability and Human Development
DHSP 442           
(312) 413-1646
Education: PhD, University of Kansas, 1987.

Advocacy and empowerment, community development, self-employment and transition of youth with disabilities.

 Bonam Bonam, Courtney
Assistant Professor
UH 1219
(312) 996-3752

Education: PhD, Stanford University, 2010.

Stereotyping, prejudice & discrimination; race as a social process; specifically: perceptions and experiences of multiracial people; space-focused racial stereotyping and environmental discrimination.

Dubois David DuBois, David
Professor, Community Health Sciences
(312) 413-3564

Education: PhD, Oberlin College, 1992.

Comprehensive approaches to promoting positive youth development; mentoring and self-esteem enhancement programs; program evaluation and evidence-based practice; etiology and prevention of child and adolescent mental health problems.

 Sue_Farruggia Farruggia, Sue
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
(312) 996-9115

Education: PhD, University of California, Irvine, 2006.

Institutional, community and student factors that influence academic performance and retention in college; prevention and intervention programs to increase student retention; older youth in the foster care system.

Gordon Gordon, Rachel
Professor, Sociology
BSB  4140A
(312) 413-3857

Education: PhD, University of Chicago, 1997.

Contextual, social, and policy factors that affect children and families; applied psychometrics and measurement theory, longitudinal and causal modeling, and integrative data analysis; quality, affordability, and access to early care and education; associations of physical attributes and self-presentation with social and academic achievement throughout the life course.

Hebert Beirne
Hebert-Beirne, Jennifer         
Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences
(312) 355-0887

Education: PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2008.

Chicago neighborhood health equity, structural determinants of health inequity, social determinants of health, community-based participatory research; and female pelvic and sexual health. 

Horn Horn, Stacey S.
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
ETMSW 3507
(312) 413-3679           

: PhD, University of Maryland College Park, 2000.

Social cognition in adolescence; adolescents' reasoning about harassment and bullying; harassment related to sexual orientation and gender identity; discipline disparities related to sexual orientation and gender identity; developing safe schools for LGBT youth.

Kelley Kelley, Michele
Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences
SPHPI 652           
(312) 413-3225

: PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 1989.

Adolescent and young adult health and well-being; youth-led health promotion/ youth as resources for community change; Health equity, social and place determinants of health; Qualitative and popular epidemiology methods for inquiry.

Keys Keys, Chris
Professor Emeritus

Education: PhD, University of Cincinnati, 1973.

The positive community psychology of people with disabilities; the empowerment of people with disabilities and their families; disability, race/ethnicity and class; community psychology methods for research, teaching and intervention.

 Mahoney Mahoney, Joseph
Research Professor
(312) 226-3781

Education: PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1997

Social and educational development of children and adolescents; out-of-school time and positive youth development; applied developmental science,practice, and policy.

 Mermelstein Mermelstein, Robin
Director of IHRP
WROB 544
(312) 996-1469

Education: PhD, University of Oregon, 1984.

Health promotion; reduction of tobacco use and risk behaviors in adolescents and young adults; health behaviors across the life span.

 DuncanMeyersCASEL Meyers, Duncan
Research Assistant Professor

Education: PhD, University of South Carolina, 2016.

Clinical-community psychology, implementation science, program evaluation, social and emotional learning.
 Ramirez Valles Ramirez-Valles, Jesus
Professor, Community Health Sciences 
(312) 996-6346

Education: PhD, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, 1997.

Sociology of health, race, LGBT, stigma, aging, HIV, health promotion.

 Riger Riger, Stephanie
Professor Emeritus

Education: PhD, University of Michigan, 1973.

Violence against women; women and poverty; feminism and psychology.

 Schewe Schewe, Paul
Associate Professor, Criminology, Law & Justice
BSB 3040
(312) 413-2626

Education: PhD, Northern Illinois University, 1995.

At UIC, Dr. Schewe leads the Interdisciplinary Center for Research on Violence, where the focus of his research includes sexual assault, teen dating violence, domestic violence and early childhood interventions to promote positive social-emotional development for young children exposed to domestic violence.

 Suarez Balcazar Suarez-Balcazar, Yolanda
Professor, Occupational Therapy
AHSB 354
(312) 413-0117

Education: PhD, University of Kansas, 1987.

Community-based health promotion and obesity prevention among youth and young adults with disabilities; nexus between race, culture and health disparities; evaluation capacity building and empowerment evaluation

 Jeremy Taylor Taylor, Jeremy
Research Assisting Professor

: PhD, DePaul University.

Stress, coping, depression, protective factors, psychological assessment, and social and emotional learning

 Taylor Taylor, Renee
Professor, Occupational Therapy
AHSB 322
(312) 413-7462

Education: PhD, DePaul University, 1997.

Biopsychosocial correlates of unexplained fatigue and pain, the effects of patient-provider communication on healthcare outcomes

 Thorkildsen Thorkildsen, Theresa
Professor, Educational Psychology
ETMSW 3549
(312) 996-8138

Education: PhD, Purdue University, 1988.

Students’ understanding of the fairness of institutional practices as this interfaces with their motivation, moral development, and social functioning in groups

 Ullman Ullman, Sarah E.
Professor, Criminology, Law & Justice
BSB 4050B
(312) 996-6679

Education: PhD, Brandeis University, 1990.

Sexual assault recovery in women, including PTSD and substance abuse comorbidity; social reactions to victims and support interventions for victims and their informal networks; rape resistance and prevention.