Cognitive faculty and associates


goldman Goldman, Susan
LAS Distinguished Professor
BSB 1022C
(312) 996-4462

(University of Pittsburgh, 1979). Learning in multimedia environments, especially strategies for understanding; instruction and the design of learning environments; assessment; development of disciplinary literacies.
tgriffin_s Griffin, Thomas
Research Professor
BSB 1054D
(312) 996-8190

(University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003). Affective and cognitive bases of belief revision, knowledge acquisition, and conceptual change; Metacomprehension and learning from text.
leshikar_s Leshikar, Eric
Visiting Assistant Professor
BSB 1042D
(312) 355-2739

(University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, 2009). Aging and memory; social and emotional memory across the lifespan; cognitive neuroscience of aging; long-term memory formation; memory for impressions; self-referential encoding.
karams Morgan-Short, Kara
Associate Professor, Hispanic & Italian Studies
UH 1718
(312) 996-5215

(Georgetown University, 2007). Neurocognition of second language processing and acquisition; effects of explicit and implicit training and practice on second language acquisition; verbal protocols; event-related brain potentials.
ohlsson Ohlsson, Stellan
BSB 1050C
(312) 996-6643

(University of Stockholm, 1980). Cognitive psychology; creativity; conceptual change; the acquisition of complex skills; cognitive modeling; the application of cognitive psychology to the design of information technologies, especially intelligent tutoring systems; the history of psychology.
pellegrino Pellegrino, Jim
LAS Distinguished Professor
BSB 1018B
(312) 355-3077

(University of Colorado, 1973). Aptitude and intelligence assessment; application of cognitive theory to the analysis, redesign and utilization of standardized test instruments; inductive reasoning and spatial ability; technology and instructional design.
raney Raney, Gary E.
Associate Professor
BSB 1046B
(312) 413-1314

(University of Florida, 1990). Language processing; text comprehension; figurative language; eye movements during reading; bilingualism; attention; memory.
stieff_s Stieff, Mike
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Learning Sciences
4376 SES

(Northwestern University, 2004). Use of visuospatial strategies in scientific problem solving, visuospatial ability and scientific expertise, and the development of visualization software for chemistry instruction.
szpunar Szpunar, Karl
Assistant Professor
1054B BSB

(Washington University St. Louis, 2009). Memory; mind wandering in educational settings; cognitive and neural underpinnings of the capacity to simulate future events; how future thinking affects social and emotional adjustment
Wiley Wiley, Jennifer
BSB 1054C
(312) 355-2501

(University of Pittsburgh, 1996). Problem solving; creativity and collaboration; Text comprehension, metacomprehension, and the role of visualization in science learning; the application of cognitive principles to educational contexts.