clinical faculty and affiliates




  Behar Behar, Evelyn
Associate Professor
BSB 1050B
(312) 413-5564

: PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2005.

Anxiety disorders (especially GAD, panic, PTSD); affective, physiological, behavioral, cognitive, and interpersonal correlates of anxiety; comorbidity between anxiety and mood, sleep, and sexual disorders; psychotherapy treatment and process research.

  Herbener Herbener, Ellen
Associate Professor
BSB 1046A
(312) 413-2638

Education: PhD, Harvard University, 1992.

Schizophrenia; Psychosis; anhedonia and avolition; emotional processing, cognition-emotion integration, neuroimaging.


  Kassel Kassel, Jon
Co-Director of Clinical Training
BSB 1066B
(312) 413-9162

Education: PhD, University of Pittsburg, 1995.

Addiction science; drugs and emotion; cognitive models of depression, anxiety and drug use; adolescent smoking.

 Amanda Lorenz Lorenz, Amanda
Director of OAPS
Co-Director of Clinical Training
BSB 3010
(312) 413-2636

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin, 2002.

My professional goals are (1) to identify the qualities and skills necessary to become a clinical scientist within the field of clinical psychology and (2) to develop specific training techniques to build and strengthen these skills in graduate students.

  Mermelstein Mermelstein, Robin
Director of IHRP
WROB 544
(312) 996-1469

Education: PhD, University of Oregon, 1984.

Health-related interventions; etiology and maintenance of health behaviors; tobacco use; adolescent smoking and problem behaviors; cancer prevention; ecological momentary assessment.  

 Rowen Rowen, Jenna
Associate Director of OAPS
BSB 3010
(312) 413-8709

Education: Ph.D, University of Virginia, 2015

Family-focused psychosocial treatmeant; child and adolescent internalizing and externalizing disorders; divorce & interparental conflict; effective parent-teacher partnerships. 

 Shankman Shankman, Stewart
Associate Professor
BSB 1018D
(312) 355-3812

Education: PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2005.

Relation between mood and anxiety disorders; integration of clinical and neuroscience approaches (psychophysiology, neuroimaging, etc.) to the study of psychopathology.



 Adames Adames, Bibiana, S.
Clinical Assistant Professor
BSB 3018A/BSB 1022D
(312) 996-8681

Education: PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2006.

Mental health care of Spanish-speaking populations and other underserved groups. 
  Atkins Atkins, Marc
Professor in Psychiatry
 IJR 326         
(312) 413-1048

Education: PhD, Florida State University, 1985

Community mental health services for urban children; school based mental health services; dissemination and implementation science.

Bottoms Bottoms, Bette
BSB 1062C
(312) 413-2300

Education: PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1992.

Factors that affect children's eyewitness testimony and techniques to improve children's reports; jury decision making in cases involving child witnesses and juvenile defendants; disclosure of and delayed memories for childhood abuse.

Cervone Cervone, Daniel
BSB 1008
(312) 413-2632

Education: PhD, Stanford University, 1985.

Personality psychology, social-cognitive processes and personality coherence, goal setting and self-regulation, perceived self-efficacy, affect and cognition.

Klumpp Klumpp, Heide
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
1747 W. Roosevelt Rd, Room 246
(312) 996-0416

Education: PhD, University of Georgia, 2006.

Brain mechanisms of emotion processing and regulation in anxiety and depression.
Brain markers of treatment response in anxiety and depression.
Information processing disturbances in internalizing disorders.

Lamar, Melissa                    
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
1604 W. Taylor Street          
(312) 996-5779

Education: PhD, Drexel University.

Dr. Lamar’s research at UIC centers on the impact of vascular risk factors on brain structure and function in normal and pathological aging with an emphasis on minority health disparities.

Langenecker Langenecker, Scott
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
1601 W. Taylor Street           
(312) 996-0085           

: PhD, Marquette University, 2001.

Mechanisms of depression and mood disorders, predictors of treatment response, changes with treatment, predictors of relapse, neuroimaging and neuropsychological markers, intermediate phenotypes, L-HPA axis function and dysfunction.

 Reyes Reyes, Karina
Associate Professor
BSB 1056A
(312) 413-2627

Education: PhD, DePaul University, 1989.


Resilience and protective factors and the prevention of high-risk behaviors in urban, minority children and adolescents.

Weissberg, Roger
BSB 1008A
(312) 226-3795

Education: PhD, University of Rochester, 1980.

School-family-community partnerships to enhance children’s social, emotional, and academic learning; prevention of substance use, delinquency, violence, and school dropout; positive youth development, health promotion, and service-learning; social policy for children, youth, and families.

 West West, Amy
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
1747 W. Roosevelt Rd.
(312) 996-1077

Education: PhD, University of Michigan, 2004.

Childhood mood disorders, particularly pediatric bipolar disorder; family-focused psychosocial treatment, CBT; child intervention research, treatment mechanisms; suicide; developmental psychopathology of child mood and anxiety disorders, temperament;  community-based participatory research, cultural adaptations of evidence-based treatments, American Indian youth.
  Zinsser2 Zinsser, Kate 
Assistant Professor
BSB 1050D
(312) 996-5494

Education:  George Mason University, 2013.

Social and emotional development across the lifespan, early childhood intervention and education policy, teacher-child relationships, classroom climate, early childhood workforce development, support, and well-being.