behavioral neuroscience faculty and affiliates




  Maki1 Maki, Pauline
BSB 1022D/NPI 328
(312) 996-6941

Education: PhD, University of Minnesota, 1994.    

Women, cognition, mood, stress, HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, perinatal depression and anxiety, mentorship.

  Ragozzino Michael Ragozzino
Professor and Department Head
BSB 1066B
(312) 996-2836

: PhD, University of Virginia, 1994.


Neural mechanisms in frontal-striatal circuitry underlying learning.

  Reilly Reilly, Stephen           
Professor and Program Chair
BSB 1042B
(312) 413-2625

Education: PhD, University of York, 1985.

Neural mechanisms of learning, memory and motivation, with an emphasis on conditioned taste aversion and incentive learning.

 Jamie Roitman Roitman, Jamie
Associate Professor
BSB 1042A
(312) 355-1458

Education: PhD, University of Washington, 2002.

Neural correlates of economic choices.  Neurophysiological representation of quantity, time, and reward in awake-behaving animals.

 Roitman Roitman, Mitchell
Associate Professor
BSB 1042C
(312) 996-3113

Education: PhD, University of Washington, 2001.

Affective neuroscience and drug addiction. In vivo voltammetry and single-unit recording.

 Wirtshafter Wirtshafter, David
BSB 2010
(312) 413-2631

Education: PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1982.

Neural basis of motivation and reward, gene expression and behavior, functional anatomy of the basal ganglia midbrain raphe nuclei, functions of dopamine and serotonin.



   Larson Larson, John
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
(312) 413-4572

Education: PhD, University of California, Irvine, 1987.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms for learning and memory; Olfaction (smell); Autism; Fragile X syndrome; Alzheimer’s disease; Comparative neurobiology.

 Amy Lasek Lasek, Amy
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
PHPI 466
(312) 355-1593

Education: PhD, Cornell University, 1998

Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying alcohol and drug addiction. Sex differences. Behavioral and molecular genetic studies in mice.

Levine Levine, Michael
Professor Emeritus
BSB 1022B
(312) 996-6133

Education: PhD,  The Rockfeller University, 1972. 


Higher-order visual processing. Neural perception. Human brain imaging methods in various visual tests.

 Milad BNS Milad, Mohammed R. 
IJR 253
(312) 355-4001

Education: PhD, Ponce School of Medicine, Ponce, Puerto Rico, 2003.

Brain mechanisms of learning to fear and learning not to fear, with implications to psychopathology and sex differences. 
Morelli Morelli, Sylvia
Assistant Professor
BSB 1062B 

Education: PhD, University of California, 2012.

Social neuroscience, empathy, social connection, prosocial behavior, social networks, mood disorders, and interventions.

 Stratford Stratford, Thomas
Research Assistant Professor
BSB B115

Education: PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1992.

Neurophysiological control of food and water intake, with an emphasis on the influence of the nucleus accumbens, ventral pallidum, and raphe nuclei on hypothalamic feeding and drinking circuits.

 Weissberg  Weissberg, Roger
BSB 1008A
(312) 226-3795

Education: PhD, University of Rochester, 1980.

School-family-community partnerships to enhance children’s social, emotional, and academic learning; prevention of substance use, delinquency, violence, and school dropout; positive youth development, health promotion, and service-learning; social policy for children, youth, and families.