Ronald Nicholas Pavone


Teaching is a great interest of mine, and I have taught courses including Introduction to Psychology, Theories of Personality, Research Methods in Psychology, Statistics, and Clinical Psychology Interventions. Out of all of these courses, my favorite course of all to teach is Statistics.

I have conducted research on “gain/loss” motivational themes, and mood induction. My main research focus has been on possible relations and interactions between psychophysiological reactivity, two personality processes, biofeedback, and variables in health psychology. I currently am interested in its possible connections to polyvagal theory and research.

One of my additional areas of overall interest involves issues related to sources of meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction in human life--as, for example, discussed in psychological literature written by Roy Baumeister.

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Office: 1022A BSB, MC 285
Phone: 312-413-2624
Fax: 312-413-4122