Clinical Faculty & Affiliates

Name Title Phone & Office Email Address Designation
Berenz, Erin  Assistant Professor (312)355-0808
BSB1062A  Faculty
Giedgowd, Grace  Clinical Assistant Professor   BSB 3018B   Faculty 
Herbener, Ellen Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies (312)413-2638
BSB 1046A Faculty
Kassel, John Professor,
Co-Director of Clinical Training
BSB 1066B Faculty
Mermelstein, Robin Professor,
Director of IHRP
WROB 544 Faculty
Shankman, Stewart Professor (312)355-3812
BSB 1062D Faculty
Reyes, Karina Associate Professor (312)413-2627
BSB 1056A Faculty
Rowen, Jenna  Director of OAPS/Clinical Assistant Professor  (312) 413-8709
BSB 3010 

Atkins, Marc

Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry and Director, Psychology Training (312)413-1048 Affiliate
Bottoms, Bette L. Professor (312)413-2635
BSB 1046B Affiliate
Cervone, Daniel P. Professor (312)413-2632
BSB 1008 Affiliate
Lamar, Melissa Associate Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry and Affiliate with Department of Medicine, Institute of Minority Health Disparities (312)996-5779 

Langenecker, Scott Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology (312)996-0085
PIB 579 Affiliate
TBA Director of OAPS, Co-Director of Clinical Training (312)413-2636
BSB 3010
Matthews, Alicia  Associate Professor for Department of Health Systems Science (312)996-7885
NURS 1056 Affiliate
Morelli, Sylvia  Assistant Professor BSB 1062B Affiliate 
Phan, K Luan Professor (312)355-5954
WROB/IRJ Rm.244 Affiliate
Klumpp, Heide Assistant Professor (312)996-0416 Affiliate