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Rita Gray-Marsh

Office Support Associate

I have been a staff member in the Psychology Department for 25 years. My role here in the department over these years has been to ensure that everyone who comes through the front door of the Psychology Department feels welcome, and to do a range of things to ensure that they have what they need to do their work. During my time here, I have seen tens of thousands of undergrad students graduate with Bachelor’s degrees, and many of those undergrad students go on to grad school and/or good jobs.  I have seen hundreds of grad students come to the department to obtain their Ph.D. and go on to teach at different universities or work at hospitals and other places. I have met many professors from all walks of life, who come to UIC to teach and work with grad and undergrad students on their research. Many of them have retired of course, but some are still here, as well as many new professors.


Maria De La Paz

Administrative Aide

I have been an employee in the Psychology department for almost 5 years.  My responsibilities in this department require for me to be in constant communication with people on a daily basis.  This is what makes my job fun and challenging, as this has allowed me to partner with internal and external individuals in an effort to support staff, faculty and students.  Working in a diverse environment is very important, because our country is made up of various cultural, racial and ethnic groups.  It is interesting to hear recommendations and learn various opinions within a group that is different from us.  Besides having the pleasure of helping people at work, I also enjoy assisting people outside of work.