Natalie Ross

Natalie RossUIC’s Applied Psychology program has been the propelling force in my academic and career endeavors. I obtained my recent position as a full-time research assistant at the Howard Brown Health Center after my student internship through PSCH 385. The class provided guided research and invaluable work experience and opportunity. I also completed PSCH 381, a course in which I developed specific clinical and cultural skills that are critical for my current work. UIC’s Applied Psychology program not only served as excellent preparation for life after undergrad, but also instilled high levels of confidence in my knowledge and ability. The understanding obtained and experience gained through this program contributed to my competitiveness in the work market. In addition to the coursework, the professor mentorship was extraordinary. A special thank you to Kathryn Engel (my PSCH 381/385 instructor) who went above and beyond her role as professor, providing constructive feedback and encouragement, often outside the classroom. After graduation at UIC, I plan to apply to a clinical PhD program with the aim of becoming a clinical psychologist and researcher specializing in the LGBTQ population and related issues. UIC’s Applied Psychology program has laid a strong and solid foundation for my career in research and clinical work.