LaShone Nichols

LaShoneNichols In the upcoming fall 2017 semester, I will be enrolled as a 2nd year forensic psychology graduate student at California Baptist University in Riverside, CA. Arriving to this particular place in my life wasn’t necessarily an easy process. During my student enrollment at UIC, I persevered through extreme financial hardship, evictions, and temporary homelessness. All of which seemed to have occurred during some of the most inopportune times. There were times when I tried to study, but studying in an apartment with no electricity is a stressor that has the ability to effect you mentally, physically, and academically. There were semesters where my grades suffered and resulted in me being placed on academic probation, yet I persevered. In May 2014, I walked across the stage as a UIC graduate because I maintained my will to succeed against all odds. UIC’s applied psychology program played an important role in not only shaping my perspectives as it relates to behavior, but also in helping me understand how deal with the demands of life. Kathryn Engel played an intricate part in every step of process. She truly believes in her students and is primed to educate and catapult APP students into a successful future. I am here today because of her selfless service. I will be applying to a Psy.D. program in clinical psychology for Fall 2017. All due in part to my will to survive and the applied psychology program ability to educate and train students, enabling them to be marketable in a very competitive industry.