Photo of Motyl, Matt

Matt Motyl

Assistant Professor

Social & Personality


Building & Room:

1062D BSB


1007 W Harrison Street

Office Phone Voice:

(312) 413-5838


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I'm an assistant professor in the Social and Personality area of the Psychology Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I also hold a courtesy appointment in the Political Science Department.

I study why people have such a hard time talking about morality, politics, and religion (and sometimes even science itself) without yelling at each other. I am currently studying how people create ideologically homogeneous enclaves and how this affects social behaviors ranging from community engagement and voting to intragroup cooperation and intergroup hostility. I am a political psychologist (or, a psychological political scientist) and I blog about it at PsychoPolitics.

When possible, I apply research in the "real world." To do this, my colleagues (namely Jon Haidtand Ravi Iyer) and I created, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on evidence-based methods for improving intergroup civility. Together, we help community organizations understand what interventions are most likely to improve intergroup civility and then help them develop measurement tools to assess the effectiveness of those interventions.

While my substantive research is primarily in the realm of understanding context and conflict, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to do better science. To this end, I am a long-time user of the Open Science Framework and am always working to promote more replicable science. Occasionally, I conduct meta-science research.