Departmental Approval To Register For Courses

Departmental Approval is a procedure in the online registration system to assure that students have the appropriate declared major or prerequisites to take a specific course. Students can discover if Departmental Approval is required, because the need for approval is listed in the Online Schedule of Courses. If students attempt to register without having first obtained electronic departmental approval, students will be unable to register and will receive the error message Departmental Approval Required. Requests for departmental approval may be made by filling out this web-based form.

Departmental Approval is used for the following reasons, which will vary depending on the particular case:

  • To ensure students have taken the required prerequisite courses and in the appropriate order. For instance, certain courses can not be taken concurrently.
  • To make sure students have selected the appropriate course based on their major.
      For example, only Applied Psychology students are eligible to take PSCH 385 (internship).
  • To assist students who have double majors with psychology as their second or third major. Please note that when a students' first major is not psychology, any course that has a declared major as a requirement can not be registered for without department approval.
  • To verify prerequisites taken at another college or university.
  • To confirm prerequisites taken in another department (i.e.- Sociology 300 taken in place of PSCH 242 with approval, as a prerequisite for PSCH 343).
  • To hold a course closed if it is over-enrolled. Please note seats may appear available, but in actuality the seat is being held for a graduating student.

In the case of PSCH 100: these sections are not approved yet for any student and will show an enrollment of '0'. The Departmental Approval is used to hold the course pending opening. This course does not require an actual approval to enroll so a request for approval is unnecessary. That is, if the section is opened, it will be opened to all students. So, if you see a '0' for enrollment, do not e-mail for approval but do e-mail to express your interest in an additional course being made available if the other sections are already full.