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General vs. Applied Major: What’s the Difference?

General Major

Credit Hours: 28

Required Courses: ENGL 161, MATH 090 or MATH 118 or the equivalent, PSCH 100, 242, 343

Required Categories: Writing in the Discipline, bio-based and psycho-social based PSCH

Applied Major

Credit Hours: 36

Required Courses: ENGL 161, MATH 090 118 or the equivalent, PSCH 100, 242, 343, 340, 385

Required Categories: bio-based and psycho-social based PSCH, PSCH 381/382/386
*Students must take one course from the category, a full list can be found in the catalog.

How Do I Know Which Major is Better For Me?

General Major:

  1. For those students who have a pre-health educational goal.
  2. Students who plan to work in a field outside of psychology when they graduate.
  3. Students who have placed a “time-limit” on their education and the requirements for the Applied major cannot be fulfilled.
  4. Students who are already working full time in a field related to psychology.

Applied Major:

  1. For students who plan to work immediately following graduation.
  2. For students who plan to go on to graduate school in psychology in a field requiring licensure for interpersonal intervention.

If you are still unable to determine which major is better for you, please make an appointment to speak with an advisor.

Important Information for Applied Majors

  1. Make an appointment early in order to make sure you are meeting all prerequisites.
  2. The 340, 343, PSCH 381/382/386 category must be completed before PSCH 385
  3. The class you choose to fulfill the PSCH 381/382/386 category should align with your interests for working in the field (i.e.- Interviewing, Intervention, Counseling).
  4. Students who plan to work immediately following graduation should register for PSCH 385 the semester that they plan to graduate.
  5. Students who plan to go to graduate school immediately following graduation should plan to take PSCH 385 the semester before they graduate, if at all possible.