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Admissions FAQ’s

Can I apply for a Master’s degree in Psychology at UIC?

UIC Psychology does not offer a terminal Master’s program. Students admitted to the program complete an MA as part of the PhD curriculum requirements.

Is there a part-time or online graduate program in Psychology?

Our PhD program is focused on research, with coursework to provide a foundation of knowledge. The curriculum is designed as a full-time, in-person program, which typically takes 5-6 years to complete.

When do students select a dissertation lab?

In our department, students are admitted directly into their graduate advisor’s lab and begin conducting research in that lab as soon they arrive.  Thus, admissions depend not only on the qualifications of a prospective student, but the fit with a lab that matches their research interests. A strong personal statement will communicate how our PhD program will build on a student’s prior training to prepare them for their longer-term goals.


What happens after I submit my application?

Review. Faculty in each research area (Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive, Community Prevention & Research, Social & Personality) will review the applications to their program to select prospective students to interview. It is important for prospective students to apply to the appropriate program with faculty that match their research interests. Due to the large number of applicants for a limited number of spaces in an incoming class (~12-17 students), we cannot provide feedback on individual applications.

Interviews. We typically conduct interviews with selected prospective students in late January through mid-February. Interviews may be done remotely and/or in person. For in-person interviews, we try to bring applicants to visit in groups so they can also meet their potential cohort. Some students are nominated for fellowships at this time.

Decisions. Decisions are typically made within a few weeks of interviews. Students are admitted directly into their advisor’s lab to begin research during their first semester. The offer letter will indicate the advisor accepting the student as well as provide information about stipend level (as a research- or teaching-assistant) for the first year. Interviews and admissions may continue through March, and once made, students have until April 15 to accept or decline their offer.

Finances. Stipend levels and other benefits are determined by the contract negotiated by the UIC GEO. Our students are typically supported as a teaching- or research-assistant with a tuition waiver.

Beginning grad school. Appointments for the school year begin on August 16. Incoming first-year students have a week of mandatory orientation before classes begin in the fall.