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The application deadline is December 1st. Applications and required documents must be fully submitted by this date otherwise the application will not be considered by the Department.

Our PhD program is a full-time, day, research-oriented program that begins once a year in the Fall. We do not offer a terminal/stand-alone Master of Arts program.

Please visit UIC’s Graduate College webpage for more information on general admission requirements and program admission and degree requirements.

  • TO APPLY, go to Department of Psychology Application.
    • Select “Apply Now”.
    • Select “PHD Psychology” from the menu of Graduate & Professional programs and go to the Application page.
    • You will be prompted to log in.

Please prepare the following required documents to apply. All required materials are to be submitted electronically through the online application. Hard copy materials of transcripts, exam scores, personal statements, or letters of recommendation are not accepted.Only applicants receiving offers of admission will need to submit official transcripts to the Office of Graduate Admissions and Records – AFTER receiving an offer.

  • Personal statement: This should include information about how you have prepared for graduate school in psychology, research questions and methodologies that you have experience with, research interests for graduate training, long-term goals, and faculty you would like as a research mentor.  There is no formatting requirement or page limit to your personal statement.
  • Curriculum Vitae: This should include such sections as Education, Employment, Awards & Honors, Skills, Research Experience, Presentations/Publications, Memberships, Extracurricular/Volunteer Activities.
  • Transcripts: Upload electronic, unofficial copies for all undergraduate and graduate coursework through the online application system.  While a 3.0 and above GPA is ​favorable, it is not required to apply.  View previous applicant data.
  • Evidence of quantitative training: The PhD in Psychology is a research-focused program, with a core curriculum in graduate-level statistics for all students. Please upload a document listing evidence of previous quantitative training. Examples include: Undergraduate courses taken grades earned (math, statistics, research design), independent research projects with statistical analyses (e.g. Capstone, honors thesis, publication), and/or GRE quantitative scores. Students are placed in the appropriate level of coursework based on their incoming quantitative competence. See this sample for examples.
  • Three letters of recommendation: Please enter the names and email addresses for three letter writers in the application and the system will email them a link where they can upload electronic copies of the recommendation letter. We do not accept hard or emailed copies; they must be uploaded by your recommender per the link they will receive after their name and email address is entered into the application.
    • Letter writers should be familiar with the applicant’s training and academic achievements and should be in position to comment on the applicant’s suitability for a graduate career involving research.
  • Program: Please indicate to which of our five programs you are applying. Only one program choice is permitted.
  • Faculty mentors: Please indicate up to three faculty mentors that you would like to work under.  Write their last name only.  At least one faculty mentor is required to be listed in order for your application to be given full consideration. You can find out more information about our ​faculty members and their research interests. A list of faculty who will *not* be accepting new students for Fall 2022 can be found here; however, we recommend you reach out to faculty directly to learn more about ongoing research projects and opportunities for mentorship.

The following documents are optional:

  • Standardized Tests: The requirement for the GRE General Exam is being waived for admissions for Fall 2022. While we will accept unofficial score reports for both the GRE Psychology Subject Test and the GRE General Exam, these standardized tests are not required due to the inconsistent and unequal testing conditions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. They can be used to provide evidence of academic preparation, but the absence of such test results will not be weighed against your application.
  • Miscellaneous Academic Documents: If you would like to share any publications, writing samples, additional transcripts, or other documents they can be uploaded here. Please note that this an optional area and no documents are required to be uploaded here. Please disregard any emails you may receive about your application being incomplete due to missing Miscellaneous Academic Documents.

Undocumented Students: All of our faculty members are highly encouraged to disregard documented status as a criterion for admission. All students with DACA status are eligible for the same funding opportunities as the rest of our admitted students, and those students without DACA status are still eligible for funding, just a more limited range of funding. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

International Students: We have a diverse student population and currently have several international students in the department. To ensure you are submitting the correct documents along with your application please visit the website for the Office of Admissions and the website for the Office of International Services.

  • Applicants whose native language is not English must take either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the exam of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Click hereto know about the required scores.

Tuition and Fees: Please visit the Graduate College for more information on current tuition and fee rates.

  • The Department of Psychology offers Teaching Assistantships (TA) or Research Assistantships (RA) to the students who are accepted into our program. Students who accept a 25-67% TA or RA position are provided with a tuition waiver, a waiver of some fees, and a stipend. UIC also offers several fellowship opportunities.

Financial Aid: Please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid. You can also visit to complete the Application for Federal Student Aid form. This form is the universal application for student financial assistance for US citizens and those with permanent resident status.

Transfer credit: Graduate course hours and prior Master’s degree can be assessed for possible transfer only after a student is admitted and starts the program. This cannot be done prior to admission.

After completing the initial application, you can upload required documents and enter in the names and email addresses of those who are writing letters of recommendation for you. ​Your application must be submitted by 12/1.  If incomplete you will be able to continue to upload credentials IF you hit the submit option.

To check the status of your application or to view what documents have been received please log back into your application checklist. Do not contact the Department as we will not be able to verify any information over the phone and will direct you to check your online account.