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Welcome to the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

UIC is a Research 1 institution and the goal of our PhD program in Psychology is to train scholars and scientists who will contribute to the growth of psychological knowledge. Our graduates go on to work in a wide range of settings – in academia, industry, government, and other professional settings.

There are many paths to graduate school and we recognize that qualified applicants excel in different ways. Different program areas in Psychology emphasize different methodologies as appropriate to the nature of the essential questions they seek to address. We use a holistic review to consider applicants’ academic history and look for relevant experiences and interests that fit the scholarship of the intended program.

In the UIC Psychology PhD program, students

  • develop expertise as research scientists using a variety of approaches in one of our five major research areas: Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive, Community & Prevention Research, and Social & Personality
  • develop quantitative skills in our core statistics curriculum
  • complete coursework in their major area of study, and can add breadth of expertise in a minor area study in Psychology, Statistics, Methods & Measurement, Diversity Science, or a self-designed curriculum
  • publish their work in selective peer-reviewed journals
  • present their research at local, national, and international conferences
  • are competitive for a variety of research, teaching, and travel awards as well as external funding mechanisms for research
  • gain experience teaching and mentoring one of the most diverse undergraduate populations in the country

We only admit students into our PhD program in Psychology. In the course of the program, students complete:

  • a Master of Arts (MA) thesis to demonstrate research and writing competence, and
  • a Preliminary Exam to demonstrate scholarship and mastery of the skills necessary to complete the PhD.

We do not offer admission for a terminal/stand-alone MA degree.

We invite you to explore our application process to join our program and wish you the best of luck. Please note we are waiving the GRE requirement for admissions for Fall 2022.